Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

Question:     The question that I am trying to articulate has to do with a distinction that it would be helpful for Higgins to address.   With human beings there seems to be a distinction between ‘feeling’ (which aren’t really ‘feelings’) and emotion, which may be ‘feelings’.   Would Higgins make a distinction between feeling and emotion?

Higgins:     We don’t talk about feelings vs. emotions very much because they are tightly bound and difficult to separate.  In essence, emotion is the vibration that is offered. The vibration produces a sensation within that either feels good or bad. The recipient then distinguishes the vibration as anger or perhaps elation. It is the acknowledgment that one is different from another and also the ability to distinguish between one vibration and another that is the feeling. The named emotion is the end result.

People will say, “What you said hurt my feelings.”  We say not. What was said in some way did not feel like your truth and your physical interpretation produced a negative sensation, a feeling.

If you will learn to interpret differently then the negative sensation no longer has a negative connotation. Think about dogs noses. They will sniff with interest scents that will leave a person gagging. Learn to be the dog’s nose with your emotions. Explore your feelings with interest rather than judgment. Then your emotions will work they way they are intended…as directional signs pointing the way towards happiness and satisfaction.

Received October 8, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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