Clarifying Feelings, Emotion and the Emotional Scale

Question:     Is Higgins making a distinction between feelings and emotion when he has us picture the emotional scale/ladder from 0-100 with the need for humanity to raise its vibration if we are to make the shift we are in the middle of making?!

Higgins:     No. We are not making a distinction because, from our perspective, one does not exist without the other. Some of you use the words interchangeably and that is ok, too. We would not say that is incorrect.

We would like to clarify the scale from 0-100 is simply a visual tool for your use to better understand the increase in energy that is occurring on and within Earth. It would even be more useful if you could envision the 0-100 scale in wavelengths, starting very long and slow (0) and increasing in frequency to short and quick (100) then imagine very short and very quick (150).

Zero wavelength would be equal to a person acting on suicidal depression. One hundred wavelength is equivalent to such a blissful state the person no longer can maintain the body and slips, body and all, back into the non-physical perspective the way the Biblical Enoch did. This is also what the Biblical Rapture is about.

The actual shift will be something more like from 0-100 to 10-110 but we use the numbers 0-100-150 for ease in assisting your understanding.

The Earth shift towards a higher frequency means that humankind will be able to stay physical in much faster vibrations. Imagine the things mankind will create from that extreme happiness.

Received October 8, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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