One Chooses To Be Born

Question:     The next question is really a comment.   What a huge acceptance it will take for human beings to realize that they are choosing to be on the planet instead of perceiving they are ‘sent’ or ‘stuck’ here.  To choose ones birth parents and circumstances so as to grow into our purpose and gifts seems like a huge perception for most humans to make at this time.  What an opportunity, however, because then we continue to be responsible beings here as well as there, or there as well as here – however, it is going!!!  Enjoyable for me to consider in these ways – freeing and joyful.  Thank you Cheryl and Higgins.

Higgins:     Yes. This is a freeing realization yet difficult for so many.  If you are here by choice (and you are) then you simply cannot be a victim in any way. If you are not a victim…then what? We ask this question again and again because when an individual comes to understand that nothing that happens in their life, no matter how heinous, makes them a victim then they must choose another way of looking at life and therein is absolute freedom. This is the road to bliss.

Received October 8, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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