What Is The Ultimate Reason for Life?

Question:    I was wondering, What is the ultimate reason to be put on this earth? I know we choose to get reincarnated and I also know that there is a way to “retire”. I got a glimpse of this in a dream. I just don’t see the big picture. All these lives, past, present and future, why do we do it?

Higgins:     The big picture of life on Earth is that it is fun. Life on Earth is an adventure. You keep coming back for more for the pure joy you experience in being physical.  We recognize that in your human form, the you that you perceive as ‘I’ does not always relish life. It is difficult, at least part of the time, for every one of you. However, your Eternal Self enjoys every blissful moment of your physical time. The physical beauty of Earth, the sensation of touch, taste, smell, sound; the exquisite deliciousness of experiencing it with others in human form…all these things bring you back again and again because they cannot be experienced the same way in the non-physical perspective. And those problems are not problems to the Eternal you. Instead, they are opportunities that lead to growth and growth is the result of life.

All That Is (God) expands because you are willing to come forth into this marvelous physical adventure.

Received October 9, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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