As Humans What Are We Working Up To?

Question:     All these lives, past, present and future…what are we working up to?

Higgins:     Energy exists. God/Allah/Creator is energy. That is all that exists anywhere. That means then that you are energy both in physical format and non-physical format.

Creation occurs via a process of attraction. The non-physical aspect of you understands this and is skilled in applying Universal Laws to attract what they desire, including a physical body. Once in physical the process of attraction occurs much more slowly, the way walking through water feels heavy, slow and impeded. That makes creating in the physical realm highly desirable as a process for honing one’s skills.

The idea each of you holds for coming into the Earth realm is to hold true to the clear, pure essence that you are in this very dense playing arena. Furthermore, you are to hold true this sparkling clean representation of Self in a place of contrast where things occur that make it very difficult to do that.

For example, it is easy to feel good and happy when things in your life are going right and everyone around you behaves the way you want them to. When something happens in your life that threatens your beliefs or way of life or perhaps simply intrudes into your time it is much harder to continue radiating the sheer beauty that you are.

So the goal, if you will call it that, of being physical is simply to practice radiating the sheer magnificence that which you are in this very dense playing arena. It is a magnificent feet to come into the Earth realm and manage to radiate your true beauty so clearly, despite adverse or inclement conditions, that you are able to create a life filled with those things that make your heart sing. What makes the heart sing is different for each of you. For some it is dancing or singing, for others it is building things or playing sports. Each of you has something, some skill, that makes your heart soar and finding that is of the utmost importance because expressing It makes happiness.

(We’re getting to the answer….)

This game is very difficult. As we said the Earth realm is dense. To add difficulty to the game the Earth’s orbit moves the physical body very far away from the point of origin (God/Allah/Creator) on a many thousand years cycle. Currently, the Earth is traversing this farthest point. This places a strain upon each of you making it especially difficult to feel the God in you.

The Earth is also a sentient being and the Earth is in the process of increasing its vibration. (This is being called the Shift of the Ages and is what 2012 was all about. 2012 was expected to be the shift point. In reality it is not a point but more a slide.) Faster vibrations are increasingly sublime. Mankind must shift with the Earth in order to be a match for life upon it. If each of you will match the increase of the Earth’s vibration then each of you will stay on. We suggest it may be like riding a horse while it is bucking. This is why there is so much upheaval on the planet right now.

The reason you keep coming back life after life is that the game is never the same twice. To be on Earth right now, through the Shift of the Ages, is for the sheer thrill of the ride and because to master one’s vibrational offering at this particular time is a major triumph.

The end goal is for all that exists everywhere (you and the chair you sit upon, Earth, Mars, the dog next door and anything and everything else) to choose to master and then to achieve mastery of their personal vibrational offering such that they return to an equivalent vibrational match with their Prime Source…God.

You seek happiness because happiness is sublime and emotionally close to God. God is always calling you. God calls you via sublime emotion…like a tuning fork…and though you have complete freedom to make your choices God eternally offers you this vibrational homing signal offering you the option to return to Him if you choose. ‘Returning to Him’ is not a place but an emotion/vibration you emit.

Received October 13, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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