Communicating With Animal Spirit Guides

Question:      I am wondering about my Raven Spirit Guide. I kinda want to be able to hear him and communicate with him. I’m not quite sure if it would work or how it would work.

Higgins:     Many types of Spirits follow the human life experience and offer assistance. Each of you has non-physical helpers ready to offer assistance simply for the asking. Animal helpers are but one kind of Guide.

To communicate with Raven (or any Spirit) first and foremost hold pure intentions for positive communication. When you are ready ask for what you want then be still in both body and mind. A response of some kind will come. If your mind is not still enough to receive the response directly (this comes with practice) then look around you as you move through life. Begin to notice that your head turns at just the right time to notice a billboard, newspaper headline, flock of birds or even a gesture that provides the answer.

Communication between physical and non-physical occurs. So it is not a matter of if it works but how it works. Communication will be individualized between you and your Guide. Developing the relationship is part of the fun.

Received October 14, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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