Why Are There Differing Viewpoints From Those Who Are Enlightened?

Question:     Many have gone into meditation and have been enlightened but if that is the case why do those people that have been enlightened all have different view points on religion and their beliefs on reincarnation to the afterlife?

Higgins:    Just so you know, it is not a requirement to meditate to become enlightened.

There are many reasons for the variations. Enlightened means different things to different people. To some it is to transcend beyond human suffering. To others it means to awaken to or to begin to understand how we all are interconnected and to live accordingly. Taking a broad view, these two meanings are the same. Nevertheless, people find that there are many paths to the same destination.

Taking a complex idea and describing it in words is another aspect. Even if the words chosen are exquisite in their completeness the reader or listener must also receive the meaning as intended. There is often variation in sender’s meaning and receiver’s understanding.

The next understanding is a little more complex:

For the human all things are metaphorical. The Universe is vast and the little soul that becomes the Human Spirit must focus diligently to present the Earth realm to the mind in a way that the mind can interpret and that is the key. The mind must interpret the information it receives and because each one of you has a different perspective information is received differently and therefore variability is.

Further, there is no one right way, no one right religion. When information is transferred from non-physical to physical (when meditating for enlightened answers for example) the non-physical energy is tempering their answer to the asker.

Additionally, the receiver always acts as a filter to the information. Another way to say that is when information is passed from non-physical to physical the information is tinted the color of the human connection.

We ‘work’ with the entity through whom we are now communicating regularly during meditation, sleep and even awake times so that when her filter is applied (and it cannot not be applied, it simply occurs in the interpretation process) the filter that she is enhances our meaning rather than distorts it.

From our perspective the biggest change in information between non-physical and the human receiver comes when the human receiver tries to share the information with other humans via words. Words do not carry the same vibrational interpretation from one person to the next. That means that if we could connect with you directly we could be clearer in our answer than we can be working through this human filter to put our meaning into word.

That is why we strongly encourage each of you to seek your own information rather than relying solely on information that others receive. A direct answer is always tailored to the asker and often comes vibrationally, the clearest most complete form of communication.

Received October 1, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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