What Happens When We Die?

Question:      What happens when we die? Do we all just go back to the Source of all things? And if so what is that like?

Higgins:     The soul is separate from the body. The body houses the soul. The body is designed to age to help humans with the concept of time. The body also reflects physically the emotional discomfort and beliefs of the occupant (sort of the way some houses are left to fall into disrepair and others are well maintained). This reflection appears as disease.

The body dies when it can no longer function whether from damage or from emotional dis-repair (as in the house has been left in such disrepair it collapses) or when the soul is ready to return to non-physical.

All bodies eventually stop and when that happens the soul sort of jumps out or is thrust out. There is often some hang time where the soul is neither in the body nor rejoined with its Broader Eternal Being. Usually it is a short time, 30 minutes to a few hours. Sometimes the soul’s energy can continue to be represented for hundreds of years. Those are called ghosts.

Even when the soul’s energy does not hang around the Earth realm there is possibility it will not re-align right away with its Eternal Self. Again, this can be hours to days or many months but the re-alignment rarely takes hundreds of years. In fact, amongst us we cannot think of a single time when it has taken longer than a couple of years to re-align.

When the little soul does not re-align almost immediately with its Broader aspect usually there has been some soul trauma during the life experience. For these souls, almost all of them are quickly put into a sort of emotional swaddling blanket and held still until they are able to awaken without fear.

There is a significant amount of spiritual preparation done before death. There are friends awaiting your arrival and skilled helpers if help is needed in making the transition. Every single one of you, no matter how you’ve lived your life, has someone awaiting their arrival. Often it is God himself.

The closer the soul gets to home the more loving the feeling is that encompasses them. If a rest time or transition time is needed that is provided. Eventually, that loving feeling will encompass them completely and when that happens the soul re-awakens to the eternal-ness that they are.

In short, death is a little like awakening from a dream. Whether it was a good dream or a bad dream determines the smoothness of the transition and the transition time needed.

Received September 28, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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