Let’s Talk About Sin

Question:     The next (question) has to deal with sin. You dont ever really talk about sin in any of your posts that I can recall. How come you dont talk about sin at all? And why is sin such a HUGE deal in the Bible especially in the NT than in the OT? Is there a hidden deeper meaning on what sin is than what most have been taught? I have seen another site saying sin is having your emotions control you. While a lot of what you talk about is following your emotions and intuition to have them guide you. Is having your emotions guide you same as controlling you? Is having your emotions guide you sinful? OR is sin being separated from God within yourself, not being in oneness with God or the Universe?

Higgins:     We don’t talk about sin because the word sin has come to mean that you, a human being, have done something bad and against God.

You cannot, you have not, and you never will be able to do something wrong, bad or against God. There is not that: there is no wrong or bad. There is only that which feels good and that which feels bad. Sometimes good only feels like a tiny bit of relief and sometimes bad only feels like a teeny-tiny nag. Nevertheless, there is only that which feels good and that which feels bad.

If you want to talk about what sin is then we’ll say that sin is simply doing something that feels bad to you. It doesn’t have to feel bad to anyone else, only you. If you are about to say or do something and it feels even the tiniest bit negative, don’t do it. Find another option. To do something that feels bad to you is to commit action that is against your Truth.

All of physical life is a reflection of your thoughts, words, and actions and how you feel about them. Committing action that is against your Truth will result in a reflection that will not be pleasing.

Example: you are fuming mad about (whatever) and are really thinking about how mad you are while you begin to pound a nail into the wall. You smack your thumb with the hammer.

This is an immediate response to and reflection of your thoughts and it certainly doesn’t feel good. Some of life experience, like this example, is almost immediate while much of life takes hours, days, months and years before being reflected back as life events. Health conditions often take years to develop. Cancer, Altzheimer’s, depression, heart disease and stroke are reflections of long term negative emotion.

That is how physical life works. Mostly, you physicals do not understand this but this example is exactly how the life you live comes towards you. Again, if you want to talk about sin then view sin as committing word and action that is against your Truth because doing so creates a world you do not want to live in.

The reason sin is such a huge issue in the New Testament is that these stories are trying to remind you how to live in your Truth.  Remember they are incomplete and portions that would clarify them have been removed or lost in translation or never clearly understood by the writer in the first place. Sin is simply the word that was chosen by translators to convey the meaning of somehow missing the mark or being off target.

Three things about emotions controlling you….

1)     Emotions are guidance. Emotions that feel good or even a tiny bit better indicate your thoughts, words and actions are heading you towards expression of your personal Truth. Emotions that feel bad or even the tiniest bit negative indicate your thoughts, words and actions are heading you towards expressing the opposite of Who You Really Are.

Emotions guide you moment by moment.

2)     Emotions so extreme that they cause a sort of paralysis, disabling fear for example, are encountered. Situations that bring about this sort of crippling emotion only arise after repeated thought, word, action sequences initiated after ignoring the negative emotional offering from your Broader Self and would not occur to a person living in harmony with Truth.

3)     Some people believe in using the logic of the head over the sometimes seemingly illogical logic of the heart. The logic of the head is designed to help you use the logic of the heart.

Example:     You are in conflict with another individual, not agreeing upon a topic. In learning to follow your guidance system you are offered two emotions and you have been told by Higgins to follow that which feels better/stronger. The strongest emotion says hit that guy right in the nose but you know hitting the guy in the nose will land you in jail. You decide not to hit the guy in the nose and walk away, the option that felt less strong.

In this scenario, the brain uses its understanding of your physical parameters and says, “Wait! You may be right but hitting him will get you in deeper discomfort. Walk away.”

This is one really great way to use the brain/heart connection. Then, later, when you are safely away you can use the brain to help you think up some better solutions. Better, meaning in harmony with societal parameters and in harmony with your heart.

We think this answers your questions on sin.

Received September 25, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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