Post Script to About Heaven and Hell

Higgins:     We said in the previous post, About Heaven and Hell:

Most of you do not know you have choice and many of you feel that life is thrown at you unfairly. None of what life dishes out to you comes because you are unworthy. Life does not come to you the way it does because humans are inherently sin filled. The Universe is completely fair and entirely impartial and you get what you get because you either followed your heart towards happiness or you didn’t.

We would like to add:

Some of you are born into, or come to be in, difficult life circumstances. Each one of you chooses to be born, you choose your parents and have (before birth) planned a general trajectory that will provide opportunity to hone a skill or skills of your choice. Skills are primarily spiritual in nature although it is not unheard of to plan on developing physical skills such as one’s tennis game. Although you do not know exactly  how life will play out you know you have the skills to play the game however it may unfold.

When life is difficult it is sometimes very hard to follow one’s heart towards happiness. However, each one of you is a master at this choosing happiness stuff. It would not be possible to enter the Earth arena if you were not skilled in all the right stuff to play the Game of Life.

So a special note to those whose life circumstances are hard, who are incarcerated, who have done bad things or had bad things done unto them, who are impoverished or live with physical or mental disabilities, or who are just plain discouraged: You are among those with great spiritual gifts for you would not have planned a trajectory leading you this way if you were not absolutely certain you had mastered the skills necessary to swim through this. It is our certainty that if today you will begin once again to acknowledge your heart’s leanings you will begin to move in a direction that will produce a very desirable and enjoyable life.

Simply allow this new life to unfold like a lazy river….

Received September 28, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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