About Heaven and Hell

Question:     What is your view on Heaven and Hell like the English translations of the Bible talk about in the NT? Is there a Heaven and a Hell in the afterlife like the Bible talks about? Is there judgment after you die and if you did not accept Christ as Lord you will burn in Hell forever tormented? Or how about the other view if you get cast into Hell after death will you be burnt up in the Lake of Fire, and you are gone completely, which is your spirit or soul is totally destroyed as well and you wont be remembered anymore.

Higgins:     Heaven and Hell are entirely misunderstood. There is no place that is either Heaven or Hell. One will not be judged unworthy for any reason and so upon death be sent to burn forever in a fire of torment. Heaven and Hell are conceptual representations intended to represent the negative/positive balance that exists throughout the Universe.

If the reader has ever been deeply, fully satisfied with, and intensely appreciative for some portion of their life…even for a moment…then the reader has approached Heaven. Similarly, if the reader has suffered, even for a moment, then the reader has approached Hell.

The Bible stories want you to choose…do you choose Heaven (blissful) or do you choose Hell (tormented)?

Physical man has been given freedom by that which you call God. This freedom is about choice and it is the range of choices that creates the contrast of the Earth life experience. Each one of you has the choice to pursue positivity (Heaven) or negativity (Hell). Most of you do not know you have choice and many of you feel that life is thrown at you unfairly.

None of what life dishes out to you comes because you are unworthy. Life does not come to you the way it does because humans are inherently sin filled. The Universe is completely fair and entirely impartial and you get what you get because you either followed your heart towards happiness or you didn’t.

The Truth is that one chooses to move towards happiness by always choosing the option for action that feels best, even if it only feels like a tiny bit of relief. When one chooses to pursue positivity in this way then the Heavens pour blessings upon you and the Angels rejoice with you.

Received September 28, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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