Clarification Regarding Post: Mothers for Safe Driving

Note from Cheryl:     This is from a comment someone made about the post on January 20, 2015 about Mothers for Safe Driving.

Question:    So, the “war” against drugs and “fighting” against cancer is not the way to go about those things, I take it.

Higgins:     Correct.  Resistance creates resistance, therefore, working against anything will only promote more of that thing that you work against. To eradicate the thing that you do not want you must promote the opposite of it.

Let’s use cancer for our example. Cancerous cells are abnormal cells that replicate and sometimes spread to other areas of the body. This often spreads in such a way as to harm the host. Cancer is frightening, sometimes painful and overtakes the host, eventually causing death if untreated.

The most effective method for long-term success is to change the host environment. This means the person hosting the cancer already feels fearful and life in some way is painful. A person succumbing to cancer has first succumbed to some greater life experience that has been emotionally painful. Changing the host environment means learning to hold compassion for oneself, it means developing a supple but firm notion of one’s self-worth, it means looking for the positive in every aspect of life, it means creating a life for oneself that one is exuberant about living.  The last aspect is the most important part because it defies Universal Law to die of cancer while one is exuberant about life. These are two completely incompatible emotions and one cannot exist in the company of the other.

In short, we will tell you that the most important thing you will ever do is to build a life you love and are enthusiastic about and promote the same for every person you come in contact with from now until the day you depart your body. This, better than anything, will prevent the use of drugs and the development of cancer because who needs drugs when they already feel great? and who needs cancer when they’ve already solved life’s mystery and are living in harmony with the One Source (which one does when one is happy to the core)?

Received March 3, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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  1. janonlife says:

    This is one of the wisest passages I’ve ever read. It makes absolute sense. I’m currently reading a wonderful book called Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari, which makes exactly the same point about the ‘war’ on drugs.
    Thank you again Cheryl and Higgins ❤

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