Mothers for Safe Driving and Safe Passengers

Question:     You have said many times that we should pay attention to those things we don’t like. Within that thing that we don’t like lies something important for us, specifically our happiness. At the same time you also say never work against anything because being against a thing creates resistance and that creates more of what we don’t want.

Let’s say, for example, that my child is killed in a car wreck. The person driving was drunk. Why wouldn’t I (again this is an example) join Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Why wouldn’t I want to work for stiffer sentencing for those who drive drunk, etc…?

Higgins:     Thank you friend, for asking this question.

You wouldn’t join Mothers Against Drunk Drivers because though that may seem to be the opposite of the problem it isn’t. The opposite of an unsafe child is a safe child so Mothers for Safe Driving is an opposite. Mothers for Safe Passengers is also an opposite. As long as mothers work diligently against drunk driving there will be work for them to do simply because what you give attention to persists. Should you decide that you absolutely must take action we know that happiness and success lie in Mothers for Safe Driving and Mothers for Safe Passengers.

Remember–never work against anything. Work for what you want to see occur.

Received January 5, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington



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  1. So, the “war” against drugs and “fighting” against cancer is not the way to go about those things, I take it. I wish the general public would understand this.

  2. janonlife says:

    Such excellent advice. Why do we find it so difficult to follow?

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