The Kindness Paradigm (48)

Question:     What would we expect to find in a Kindness Paradigm and why would we want to achieve such a thing?

Higgins:     Humans are hard wired in their DNA to seek happy, contented, feel good emotions. En masse humans will enjoy living in a paradigm of kindness because they can create their greatest imaginings in this kind of allowing paradigm. This kind of social paradigm is the framework for experiencing happiness. Happiness, we remind you, stems from following one’s heart which leads each and every one to create their greatest imaginings which makes one feel happy. A Kindness Paradigm simply is a framework that supports the happiest of human endeavors.

When one creates from the heart one sprouts metaphorical wings on their imagination. Creations of the heart are surprising and magical. As we said above, humans are hardwired to seek happiness, so these delightful creations will bring happiness to one and all. It is a psychological positive feedback loop. The more completely each human comes to understanding how good living kindly makes them feel the more fully they will want to live into it.

Things we expect you to notice in a Kindness Paradigm: Decreased violence, less crime, fewer illnesses, less severe illness, fewer accidents of all kinds, fewer injuries, increased prosperity, increased well-being, economic stability, enhanced safety, a healthy planet, positive interaction between humans and Mother Nature, beautiful re-development of existing communities…. This is a partial list.

Received January 8, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington


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