The Kindness Paradigm (47)

Question:     What is the difference between kindness and kind acts?

Higgins:     Kindness issues forth from the heart. A kind act is just that, a kind act. It may or may not be generated by kindness. A kind act is not always a good thing. A kind act motivated by kindness is always a good thing.

Question:     When would a kind act not be a good thing?

Higgins:     A predator luring a child by offering it a treat. A treat is imagined to be a kindness, a good thing. In this case the treat is bait. Giving a gift hoping to gain financially at a later date is another example. A kind act creates greatest expansion when it is generated in a kind heart.

Question:     Could a person who makes kind acts not in kindness learn to? Or make change such that they made truly kind acts?

Higgins:     Yes, by developing compassion.

Question:     How does compassion help?

Higgins:     True kindness overflows the compassionate heart.

Question:     Are there people who would not want to develop compassion and act from kindness?

Higgins:     Of course.

Question:     How would we get those people to want to?

Higgins:     We don’t. Remember that all things must be lovingly allowed. What you will do is wait. These people have two options:  They will either be caught up in the mass consciousness as it expands and be unable to resist the desire to change (as in the Hundredth Monkey Theory), or they won’t. They will eventually die, as you all will. If they die then they will be reborn into the expanded consciousness with less resistance to the new order.

Questioner:     Thank you. No more questions.

Received January 8, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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