The Kindness Paradigm (46)

Question:     How, or perhaps where, do we begin living in a paradigm of kindness?

Higgins:     Mankind begins living in a paradigm of kindness when one person decides to make decisions based on kindness and subsequently take action that uplifts others as well as themselves.

When one person ‘catches’ the Kindness Bug it will spread like the flu only nicer.

Using this as the definition of how to start living in a paradigm of kindness, one person has decided to live this way. Many have. Thus, all you are awaiting is a Kindness Bug pandemic.

We would have you note that this is much easier and could happen much more quickly than most of you expect it can. Your Earth experience is filled with metaphor. Life is not only a mirror, reflecting your thoughts and beliefs, it is also a hologram reflecting the same thing over and over again. The world social system is already programmed for the rapid spread of information, social behaviors and disease. All that need happen is a tuning in to kind behavior instead. If the news programmers believe it will capture your attention and your imagination they will show it repeatedly and that is all it will take to spread the Kindness Bug like wildfire.

Received January 8, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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