The Kindness Paradigm (45)

Question:     What needs to be put in place for us to live in a Kindness Paradigm?

Higgins:     Nothing. No thing needs to be established before mankind begins living in this re-enlivened way. In fact, it’s just the opposite. To begin living in kindness one must begin to be kind. One. Then two. Then three and so on. When a critical number is reached some obvious changes will show themselves.

We know that the educational system will undergo a tremendous overhaul one easy step at a time. The governmental defense systems will come to understand that social unrest has a cause that must be addressed because it cannot be subdued with arms. This will shift the posture of defense systems from domination to inclusion.

The source of food, water and energy will shift from large business to largely locally sourced. (Without precluding the delicious variety of food that stems from a global economy.) On site production will be common. Communities will develop a sense of community. Communities will likely be smaller, walking human scale, with travel between communities common and easy. They will be beautiful, built with integrity and with the comfort and needs of humans in mind while cozily co-existing with Mother Nature.

Part of the beauty of living kindly is the happiness of one another is foremost. This leads to encouraging one another to live out their dreams in a grand way. Discovery has never truly been limited but certainly it feels limited, especially by the dollar. In a Kindness Paradigm solutions are sought and problems are solved wholesomely. There are many ways to achieve a thing and together you find your individual and collective creativity unparalleled and unhampered.

We much appreciate that you, as a people, are reaching this evolutionary threshold. There is much love held for you.

Received January 8, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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