I Can’t Find A Job I Can Even Stand

Question:     I can’t find a job I can even stand.

Higgins:     We always encourage you to move towards the life of your dreams and we encourage you to dream big. Let us remind you, however, that it is easiest to achieve your dreams by starting small.

The discouragement evident in your comment draws us to remember this fine quote from a friend of the entity through whom we speak, “There is no such thing as bad weather. You are either dressed inappropriately or have a bad attitude.”

If a person’s attitude is generally relaxed about things then even the most menial or odious tasks are taken in stride. This is what we encourage for you. Relax. Take any job. Do your best at the tasks presented and move on.

Take for example a hike in the woods. Occasionally it is necessary to put one’s feet in the mud but one must do so to receive the delight of the hike in its entirety. Along the way one may bruise some Skunk Cabbage and the smell is sometimes unpleasant but it is the adventure of the hike, the beauty of the scenery, the comradery or perhaps the solitude that make the hike the hike.

And so it is with your job adventure. There may be some mud and Skunk Cabbage along the way but that is not a reason to avoid the adventure…that is the adventure.

Life is all about attitude. Look for the best in every situation because how you respond to life’s events today determines what presents to you tomorrow.

Received May 8, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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