What Is A Fall Back Emotion?

Question:     What is a fall back emotion?

Higgins:     Humans are guided by their Broader Self in part by emotions. Each of you has made some kind of agreement with that Broader Self. This agreement reflects the You that you want to be.

As your Earth life unfolds the Broader Self offers emotions relative to every thought, word or action committed and to every situation or circumstance you find yourself in. Emotions that feel good indicate harmony with the You that you wanted to be here on Earth. Emotions that feel negative indicate disharmony with the agreement held about who you are.

Life is designed to be a happy, fun experience and in the very early days from birth each of you is completely aligned with this emotional offering and so happiness produces smiles and laughs and discomfort brings crying, angry tantrums and screams. (Some very confident beings will even agree to be born drug addicted just to test out how well they can re-align with their very positive selves.) Happiness and contentedness is your emotion of alignment. All thoughts, words and actions committed instinctively stem from this emotion of alignment. We often call this emotion of alignment the baseline emotion and sometimes we refer to it as a fall back emotion.

The game of life, although designed as we stated to be a happy, fun experience, is a difficult game primarily because the rules of the game have long been forgotten. For those few who still have knowledge of the rules, understanding the rules is simply a starting point and effective application of the rules is understood by fewer still. While playing this game it is common to become disoriented from the original happy and contented point and become stuck in less positive emotions.

People stuck in the emotional range of anger, for example, are easily recognized by their flashing tempers. Even the most harmless of comments are met by this person defensively.

Those with low self-esteem tend to feel guilty quite often.

Those who are fearful tend to say no to all kinds of wonderful opportunities.

The reason for this is their fall back or baseline emotion has reset to a lower emotion. If a person will spend a few moments considering a situation fully before responding they are significantly more likely to respond from the Truth of their Being (happy and contented) than the artificial baseline of anger, guilt or fear.

In brief, the fall back emotion is the emotion that is quickest and easiest to achieve.

Received March 4, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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2 Responses to What Is A Fall Back Emotion?

  1. Thank you for this passage — I will be using it as a reading in the Sunday service at One Island Family here in Key West as we discuss Fallback and Fall-ahead emotions.

    Also, good to be in touch with another of the spirits who guide us and teach us. My contact has been with the spirit known as Rikkity; communicating for the past 17 years. You can see much of that “work” at http://www.spiritualpersistence.com.

    With a vastness beyond measure and time and space, we are invited into a richness of understanding and meaning. Those of us willing to open beyond the fears of the “unknown” are blessed in so many ways.

    Thanks Spirit!

    • What an honor to be read at Sunday service. Thank you. I did check out the recommended site and Rikkity’s story is truly amazing. What a blessing for both of you and for the world to communicate with her in this way.

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