Where is Mankind Headed in the 2012 Shift?

Question:  Will you share more about the direction mankind is heading in the 2012 shift?

Higgins:  Of course.

You will notice that your country seems on the brink of collapsing under its own economic weight.

This is magnificent from our perspective for you will no longer be able to throw money at your problems.  You will be forced to find new solutions to old issues.  As you look for new solutions you will find your self.  You are the answer.  And that, really, is the reason for the shift that is occurring.  The shift has already started and it will continue long after 2012 comes and goes, unless you all catch on quickly to what is being presented.

You must be noticing that war isn’t the answer.  You must see by now that laws don’t work.  You must recognize that no amount of law enforcement stops robberies and murders and kidnapping from occurring.

What works is connection with one’s own divine source of inspiration.  Each of you must connect with your own Broader Self.  Each of you must learn to follow your heart and learn to let others follow their own hearts.  In following your heart’s desire from a place of solid connection to one’s own Broader Being then you will and all of you will make choices that not only enhance your life experience but are good for each one of you and for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Received May 9, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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