Surely No One Agrees to be a Murder Victim?

Question:  When you say, regarding allowing, that none other creates in our life experience unless we agree to it, surely no one agrees to be a murder victim.  No one agrees to be robbed.

Higgins:  Friend, that is exactly what we are saying.  Nothing ever occurs between two people that is not in vibrational agreement of both.

No one is ever hit by a car and paralyzed in both legs who does not vibrationally match that situation.

No one is robbed who does not match that vibrational situation.

No one develops cancer or loses their home in a flood or by bank foreclosure, no one’s marriage falls apart, no job is lost, no thing occurs in any person’s life that is not a vibrational equivalent.

Look well therefor to your thoughts, words and deeds for in your every moment you create your future.  Seek to achieve the best emotions you are capable of for emotions are the vibration you carry and your life is drawn unto you by vibrational match.

We will go further to say that there is no need for jails.  There is need for you each to tend your vibration.  Look always for the best in every situation thereby holding always the highest emotion you can achieve.  In this, the best vibration you can achieve will draw the best out of life.  If the vibration you offer is high then you will draw safety, good health, prosperity and satisfying relationships.

This is the direction mankind heads in the 2012 shift.

Received May 9, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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