Do People Agree to be Killed by Nuclear Bombs and Earthquakes?

Question:  I cannot believe that the people who were killed by the nuclear bombs we dropped on Japan agreed to that.  I also cannot believe that all those people killed in earthquakes, tsunamis or even plane crashes agree to that.

Higgins:  Friend, the human is more than it is aware that it is.  In the sleep time there are periods of time when the soul leaves the body.  This differs from the dream time.  When the soul leaves the body it ‘travels’ and during these travels it is planning and scheming.

It’s sort of like having a meeting with friends to discuss what you are going to do during the day.

During these night-time forays the soul plans and practices how it will guide the human in the next waking time and also discusses future events.  The soul knows when a tsunami is imminent.  The soul knows when a plane crash is imminent.  Certainly, the soul knows when a nuclear attack is imminent.  And the soul knows whether the body is likely to be killed in whatever event is coming. 

Nothing is pre-ordained by that which you call God as a ‘must happen’ event.  Fate does not exist in the capacity or definition that it is given in your language.  (Although, for example, for the entity through whom we are writing we would say that meeting up with us was inevitable and therefore fate in that respect.)

That being said, the soul knows what is most likely to happen in the upcoming hours and days and even years and based on that information the soul, in concert with the broadest portion of you, offers intuition and impulses.

If you are about to board a plane that is almost certain to crash and your soul has agreed that you in body format are not yet ready to leave Earth, then impulses and intuition will be offered and/or events planned that will keep you from getting on that plane.  Otherwise, you will be allowed to board the plane.

If you are in a location where a tornado or earthquake or tsunami will highly likely strike and devastate the area and your soul and broadest being agree that you in body format are not yet ready to leave Earth then you will be impulsed in some way to be away on vacation or be in the safest place possible…somehow you will be skipped over.

Have you ever wondered why one house in a neighborhood remains standing when all else is leveled?  Or why of four people in a car three are killed and one is not?

If you want to live a life of harmony and safety then plan on living your life honestly, representing the truth of your broadest aspect in this close up, hands-on format called a body.  Truly, you are all magnificent beings of love and light.  Represent that.  And make plans that you are excited about and bring you pleasure in the thinking of them.  When you no longer offer of yourself (which is what you are doing here–offering the magnificence that you are to this physical locality) then you are no longer creating physical manifestation of your true, great being-ness and there is no longer reason to be here.

Received May 27, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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