Living Without Judgement

Offering from Higgins:

All things that exist anywhere are aspects of that which many call God. Even Lucifer is a part of God. All that Lucifer assists into being here on Earth is therefore part of God.

Consider for a moment that there is no good or bad. If that is the case (and it is) then making judgement places a barrier between you and everything else that exists (God).

It is commonly believed that God judges you physicals as you die and condemns each of you either to heaven or hell. This is not the case. God does not judge. God participates in creation with you. God observes your highs and lows. God holds compassion for all and condemnation for none. God loves. But God does not judge.

God has created a Universe based on attraction. You are created in His image meaning that you also create by attraction. Life circumstances are created by you and are relative to the emotion you emit. Emotion is emitted continually and varies from despondence to rage to happiness. When the primary offering is one of happiness life circumstances are very sweet. When the primary offering is low such as despondence or anger life circumstances tend to be hard and bitter.

When you begin judging yourself or others a wedge is driven between you and your desires. If you will instead consider that all things are a continuum, neither good nor bad, you will remove the wedge.

From this less resistant position you then may ascertain which things feel better to you and which feel worse. Then, without  judgement, focus upon those things that feel better to you. Your emotions will feel more positive and you will then begin to draw correspondingly positive life experience.

Those things that tend to be judged as bad are simply markers or sign posts signaling to you to go the other way, to make a different choice. Friends, how can a sign post saying, “Do Not Enter/Wrong Way,” be judged as bad?

Live life without judgement for those things you judge as bad are often the most helpful experiences life offers.

Received October 3, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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