Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Living

Question:   Moving from 3rd dimensional living to 5th dimensional living requires a different intention and approach. Can Higgins summarize?

Cheryl:  I’m not sure whether we may have answered this question, or very similar, before. It is such a good question I’m bringing it to Higgins again.

Higgins:  Think of 3rd dimensional living as ‘I, me, mine’. Think of 4th dimensional living as ‘ours’. Think of 5th dimensional living as ‘one’.

As mankind begins to realize that I, me, mine is unfulfilling a natural next step is to realize that life was never I, me, mine. It was always ours. Ours is a significantly more fulfilling way to live. Inevitably one version of ‘ours’ conflicts with another version of ‘ours’ and mankind falls right back into I, me, mine. However, once man has had a taste of what it is like to live as ‘ours’ it is pleasurable to return to living in that environment. So you do. ‘Ours’ becomes the new equilibrium.

When ours is the consistent way of living together the natural progression is to realize that ours is incomplete. It becomes clear that ours works because in ours there is no us, no them. There is only one. We are not separate at all.

When the new equilibrium becomes one, then mankind has achieved 5th dimensional living.

Received February 2, 2018

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  1. simulismblog says:

    Wow! So enlightning! Actually, ecology can give a sense of the 4th dimension – ours – because it shows that what we take for an independant individual is an illusion. When trying to understand the nature of life one finds that the whole Biosphere is probably the real “individual” as James Lovelock explains with Gaïa. Each of us is a sort of molecule in the real organism, in a way. The next step consists of crossing the mirror into the fifth dimension, the One.

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