Mobilization for Better Rather than Chaos?

Question:     You said in a recent post that the chaos we are experiencing on Earth right now is actually organization or mobilization towards a better life. Why do you say that?

Higgins:     Life on Earth is all about contrast. We define contrast as like and dislike. We consider contrast data.There are events that occur that you like. There are events that occur that you don’t like. When an event occurs that you don’t like you know more readily who you are not. It is expected that you will respond accordingly, meaning when something occurs that is not you (whether ‘you’ refers to an individual or a group) you will shift thought, word and action towards what is you.

For example, you dress in the morning and upon looking at your reflection in a mirror feel a moment of discouragement when you notice how heavy you’ve become and that clothes do not hang well. The discouragement is not agreement that you are ugly or fat or any of those negative thoughts that often come. The negative feeling arises when you notice that you are not caring for yourself in the way you agreed upon.

The proper solution is to regain a healthy, trim body with gently strenuous exercise on a regular basis as well as by eating a healthful diet that is primarily vegetable.

As weight melts off looking in the mirror becomes a pleasure.

The chaos in the world is you looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. The next step is to determine what you do want to see. We notice that most often the response is to stop the thing you don’t want without ever determining what you do want. That is why you fail repeatedly at gaining peace and harmony: All you want to do is stop the fighting. Lack of fighting and peace are not the same thing.

We suggest the unrest in Ukraine, Syria, Israel and Gaza, many places in Africa is data for each of you to determine who you are and act accordingly. Meaning, if war and killing is not you then you must begin to act as who you are, which is kind and compassionate.

We will remind you that kindness and compassion are the basis for action to solve the real problems. When one is filled with compassion kindness overflows. What you will need to do with that kindness is gently nurture and uplift yourself and every single one of your Earthly comrades into the expression of your respective Spiritual Gift(s). Then you will find happiness filling your heart and peace and harmony filling your days.

Note that you must gently nurture and uplift those on both sides of any conflict, not just those for whom your heart aches.

Received August 1, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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