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Help By Radiating Peace

As I sat down tonight to meditate with Higgins before bed I asked, “How can I help settle this upsetting trend of warfare, plane crashes, fires and (so on)?” The response was not that I should meditate but that I … Continue reading

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Is Website Hype or Significant?

Question:     Many sites like this: are spreading information….. but is it all just Hype or is there really some significance?? Cheryl:     As with the WingMaker’s site, this site is large and we briefly reviewed the site together but by … Continue reading

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What does Higgins Think of the WingMaker’s Website?

Question:     I’m curious what you and Higgins would have to say about the information on this website: Cheryl:     I read quite a few pages and checked out a couple of other websites including however the volume of information … Continue reading

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From Higgins’s live session September 4, 2013: Lack of war is not peace. To have peace one must be peace. A side effect of peace is lack of war.

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What Does Peace Of Mind Look Like?

Question:     What does peace of mind look like? So far I have really only been able to envision it as the absence of anxiety, but I understand that saying, “I want to not be anxious,” over and over again would … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (3)

A Bridge From Here to There The Kindness Paradigm is based on the belief that there are certain desires that are ubiquitous to all mankind yet it is expected that the achievement of those desires will look different to every … Continue reading

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What Would A Kindness Paradigm Look Like?

Question:     Higgins, on December 29, 2011 you wrote this: “The shift you and Earth are experiencing provides an opportunity for a new paradigm on Earth. We encourage you to consider a Kindness Paradigm. What would a Kindness Paradigm look like? … Continue reading

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