What Does Peace Of Mind Look Like?

Question:     What does peace of mind look like? So far I have really only been able to envision it as the absence of anxiety, but I understand that saying, “I want to not be anxious,” over and over again would be a great way to make myself anxious. I haven’t been able to figure out how to define it in positive terms, and I’m hoping you can help me. How does someone who has peace of mind act? What do they think about? What goals do they pursue?
Higgins:     Peace of mind is a quiet, relaxed state of mind gained when the mind feels safe, secure and sure. Even if you are unable to envision what peace of mind feels like all you need do is decide upon peace of mind. You will be inclined to take action that will lead to peace of mind.

Peace of mind may be obtained by gaining mastery of one’s mind and body or by gaining mastery of one’s life. Only a very few ever attain the spiritual mastery required to maintain mental harmony through a metaphysical mastery of the mind and body and even they are required to find food from time to time.

The rest must gain peace of mind by mastering life. Life is best played with a solid connection to one’s Eternal Truth because physical life is a navigational game in which each of you follows personal Truths towards happiness while navigating through a firmly entrenched set of rules. Rules vary somewhat from one area on Earth to the next. Nevertheless, whatever rules are in place in your area must be incorporated into your game.

A person who has peace of mind knows from the very core of their being that they are capable of handling whatever comes their way and when they do feel anxious about something they take that as a signal to act. This action is designed to assuage discomfort thus returning the individual to a relaxed state of mind.

A person who has peace of mind is confident and capable. They think about whatever comes to mind, as all of you do. The difference between anxiety and peace of mind is that a person who attains peace of mind takes action (navigates through the set of rules in place within their existence) based upon their thoughts and their inclinations relative to those thoughts. Remember, the actions must be within the established rules to avoid drawing further anxiety producing situations.

A person who has peace of mind pursues goals that feel good to them. They are, of course, different from one person to the next. The rules remain the same for everyone and may be viewed as obstacles however in truth the parameters in which the game is played are no more obstacles than a tree in the forest is an obstacle to a hiker.

These rules we refer to are the laws in place in each area, societal expectations as well as things like money. Money is simply a playing piece in the game.

These rules are also changeable but depending upon how entrenched the rule is it may be very hard to change the rule. Money is deeply entrenched and would be difficult to change in a short time.  The mass consciousness must be changed in order to change the money rule. Cars as a primary mode of transportation is also a rule but to move about without a car is not nearly so difficult as attaining things one needs and wants without money.

Clarify that you wish to attain peace of mind and to feel safe, secure and sure (and happy!). Then follow through on the impulses that follow. Look for the best in everything and keep your eye on the ball. That’s all there is to it.

Received November 4, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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