The Kindness Paradigm (9)

Nurturing and being nurtured leads to feelings of safety and security in both mind and body. Feeling safe is important because feeling safe leads to feeling expansive and growth is what the human experience is all about.

The Kindness Paradigm offers the opportunity to build and create from a safe place. Life is open to being created and re-created endlessly. One need never feel stifled in a job or relationship or even within life in general if one is eternally expanding within that job or relationship or life. It is when one ceases to grow that problems develop. Within a paradigm of kindness each person is lovingly supported and encouraged to continually grow, seek change and evolve.

It is important to feel supported because when a person feels safe in their own right to expand and grow they feel expansive and expansiveness leads to generosity and open-ness of heart.

Notice the cyclical nature of the Kindness Paradigm and the importance of that cycling. When one person  feels confident and strong they are emotionally capable of helping the next person achieve their goals.

Cheryl Jensen, October 22, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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