Does Higgins Have An Agenda?

Question:     Does Higgins have an agenda?

Higgins:     We do have an agenda. We asked the entity to provide a definition for agenda.

Definition of agenda (n)

Bing Dictionary

 [ ə jéndə ]
  1. list of things to do: a formal list of things to be done in a specific order, especially a list of things to be discussed at a meeting
  2. matters needing attention: the various matters that somebody needs to deal with at a specific time
  3. personal motivation: an underlying personal viewpoint or bias

Relative to definition number one our first agenda item is to develop our skills such that we have clear, unfettered communication through the entity, Cheryl.

In order to communicate through her numerous manipulations are conducted. Think of a high performance car engine that needs tuning constantly to run at its peak. We manipulate her brain and body cells daily.

Physical beings (not from Earth), scientists if you will, following and assisting in this non-physical to physical communication note all aspects of the process. They test out new procedures in their (let’s call them laboratories for your understanding) and we try them on the entity.

Relative to definition number two our second agenda item is to offer our wisdom, knowledge and power to those of you in physical on Earth. This time period on Earth, this Shift of the Ages, is an opportunity for spiritual evolution and we wish to offer you the directions for ‘How To’.

Relative to definition number three our personal motivation is our own growth and expansion. We enjoy participating with you physicals or we would not do it.

We do have personal viewpoint and bias. Our viewpoint of your situation on Earth is broad. From our perspective we see how you got where you are and we see where you are headed and we love you. We hold great compassion for you. We want you to succeed in any way you want to succeed. Further more, we are absolutely confident that what you want is to reconnect with your True Essence (gain enlightenment) and live out that True Essence in physical format. (The extrapolated vision of that has been described as Heaven on Earth and Utopia. There is no plan from God/Allah/Great Spirit as to what that will look like specifically. You as a mass group get to choose just as you have been allowed to choose what you are currently experiencing on Earth.) What we aim to do is offer our wisdom, knowledge and power in such ways as to support your spiritual development and to be available in as many different formats as possible so that any who seek this kind of information will find it in an achievable format.

We are pleased with this line of questioning. If you have further questions we will be well pleased to entertain them.

Received November 3, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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