Will More Higgins Be Contacting Other People?

Question:     Will more Higgins be contacting other people?

Higgins:     This time on Earth, the Shift of the Ages, is an opportunity for the spiritual evolution of man. It is also extremely uncomfortable for many of you. Throughout the Universe all consciousness roots for your positive outcome. Therefore, yes, other beings will be contacting you physicals. In fact, as you evolve communication will become easier.

If you are wanting to connect with your personal Spirit Guides ( a very good place to begin conversations with non-physical) simply ask for them. Each of you has at least one Spirit Guide assisting you on your physical adventure. Let them know you are interested in developing easy, clear communication and in all cases they will respond.

Communication styles differ so some of you may hear them speak to you, some may have a sudden knowing/understanding, others may suddenly be faced with a billboard whose advertisement slogan perfectly answers your question. Be open to different and unexpected forms of communication.

Received November 3, 2102 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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