Where is Higgins From?

Question:    Where is Higgins from?

Higgins:     Higgins is not an I but a We. We are a group of non-physical beings who have agreed to come together, working in unison through a physical body, to share with those of you in physical format what it is to be human and how to play the Game of Life.

It is difficult for us to answer where we are from. We are from everywhere and from nowhere yet each of us has different background and expertise so it would be equally valid to envision us as coming from every corner of the Universe. There are also some physical members of Higgins, Cheryl is one. There are physical team members on planets in solar systems in other galaxies. They may be likened to scientists, support staff and consultants.

Received November 3, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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