How Did Higgins Reach You?

Question:      How did Higgins “reach” you? Does Higgins have specific information about future events, seeing the future, or a general wisdom about information presented to him, them?

Cheryl:     I do not know how long Higgins may have been trying to catch my attention. I became aware of them in 2005. I was 39 at the time. They tell me they have been following my progress since my birth and that we have a pre-birth agreement for me to speak for them at this particular time (meaning the 2012 Shift of the Ages).

Peculiar things began occurring a couple of years beforehand like mini-blinds opening by themselves. These things could sometimes be explained away but either way they were more like ghostly haunts than any sort of communication. Late in 2004 I was accosted on the street multiple times by strangers. Sometimes they were dressed in foreign garb, sometimes they just wore the usual Seattle grunge but they had certain things in common: they all seemed to appear out of nowhere; they were all angry and/or aggressive; and I could not understand much of what they said either because they spoke a language foreign to me or because their speech was garbled.

I also had awake dreams where I saw places and people. I’m still not clear on whether these were the Akashic records.

That  passed in a couple of months and then I began to have visions. Imagine sitting in the movie theater watching Star Trek while the ship is moving at warp speed through the stars. The stars seem to fly by. That’s how these visions were only they were letters rather than stars and sometimes the letters would stop to form words and phrases, simple things like people’s names or brief answers to questions I’d been thinking about.

The word visions were the first inkling I had that some kind of psychic transformation was taking place. I didn’t know much about psychics but that was my thought at the time: I was developing some kind of psychic power. I didn’t realize until many weeks had passed that it was intentional communication.

Anyway, one night in (I think it was) March I was lying in bed in that sleepy, drowsy stage between asleep and awake when something swooshed into me. There’s not really a very good way to describe it but I was alone in my body then suddenly I was not alone in my body. I couldn’t move and was completely paralyzed although it was very nice and not spooky or uncomfortable in any way.

For some reason I knew it was ‘them’ but wasn’t sure who that was, just that it was OK. I lay still, paralyzed, for some long time before they began to move me. It’s been a long time now and I can’t remember all this in exact sequence but I was on my side and remember my arms paddling and then my legs in the way a person would dog paddle in a swimming pool. Then my mouth began to open very wide and shut then open again, wide open and after a few rounds of that my head also began to nod up and down.

I’m unaware how long this lasted but next I knew it was morning. This happened a second time either the next night or the night after that in exactly the same way.

At that time I was learning to meditate and I had a habit of sitting quietly before bed and relaxing my mind. Soon after the night-time meetings they slid into me during one of these meditations and began to move my feet and head.

It took several months for them to speak well enough to converse with someone and actually, it took me that long to muster the courage tell anyone it being so foreign to me and kind of weird.

My pastor was the first one to develop a conversational relationship with them. They told her they are here to share wisdom, knowledge and power with those of us in the physical realm and that they are here to assist us from cradle to grave.

Further, they said they are here in answer to our desire for this assistance.

Regarding your questions about future events: They haven’t shared anything like that so far and I’m not sure they will. They say the future isn’t written so they share with us wisdom on how to change outcome to our liking. They have shared their power in the form of meditations to shape our surroundings. We’ve meditated on weather patterns, concentrated on bringing harmony to areas of conflict, things like that.

Regarding knowledge, they say I’m not yet ready for this aspect of their sharing. To do it without static or interference on my part they have further work to do. Apparently, I’m a more difficult project than they expected (funny!) (and they nod my head yes in agreement as I write this.) I don’t know yet what ‘knowledge’ refers to.

I will allow Higgins to answer the remainder of your questions personally in a follow-up entry. Thanks for your questions.

Cheryl Jensen, Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA, October 29, 2013

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