Comment On the Music Meditations

Question: Will you comment on the music/meditations? What are they and how are they of value?

Higgins: We often comment that our words and the conversation we have with you physicals are important and pleasurable however, it is the energy we share during the conversations that is the more valuable to your overall well-being.

During our conversations we share energy continually with you physicals. The energetic sharing is designed to assist you in re-aligning with your own eternal knowing. In addition, we occasionally interrupt the conversation to offer more intense energetic offerings.

On several occasions we have embedded replicas of our energetic offerings within recordings. This occurs in much the same way voices are recorded. In either case, what is recorded is the vibration.

Music has been composed to enhance the vibrational recordings. We call them meditations because the best effect will be received as you sit quietly, listening to the music while allowing our energy to flow through you.

The greatest value of these recordings is that one feels better after listening to them, especially if listened to with meditative awareness. Additionally, enough people listening to the music while responding positively to the energetic vibration will positively influence mankind in a global way.

Let’s take this further by stating that enough people meditating with these recordings will positively impact your planet by stabilizing global unrest.

There is much love held for you in the non-physical realm. All is truly well.

Received February 26, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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  1. Wow, that is nice to read, actually, helps me clarify the purpose of these recordings and why I’m making the music! 🙂

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