Tired of Being Put-Down

Question: Higgins, it seems there are quite a few searches for ‘tired of being put-down’ that bring people to this site. Will you address that directly?

Higgins: We applaud those who discover they are tired of being put-down. Being tired of one thing means they are ready for something else, specifically something better.

Remember that none of you, not one person, is a victim. If you are not a victim, then what?

We ask this to encourage each of you to think about your responses. When someone puts you down emotions will be offered that feel bad. That is because being put down is so foreign to your Truth. One option is to get angry and anger is helpful because it is an emotion with power and often the power surge of anger helps to stimulate you to action. However, if you are not a victim then anger is unnecessary because the put-down will be so obviously untrue about you that it makes no sense at all and why would something so non-sensical push you off-balance for any reason? It wouldn’t.

When you find yourself frustrated and angry over a situation that seems put upon you remember: you are not a victim. Then ask yourself: what would a person who is not a victim do?

Gently and persistently practice being not-a-victim. As you come to understand how right this is for you the energy you exude will change. When your energy becomes firmer others will be less often drawn to target you.

Received March 3, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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