Technique for Creating One

Question: In last night’s session you offered us a couple of techniques to assist us in creating. Will you share those again?

Higgins: Part A: Each morning set aside 15 minutes to meditate. Choose a word to define the day ahead as you desire it. Harmony, safety and easy are three examples. Next, intentionally allow that emotion to resonate within you. You yourself need do nothing but relax and allow energy to flow harmoniously through you. Your broader being and spirit guides will help with achieving the energetic equivalent of the word you’ve chosen.

When you feel complete arise and go forth, expecting good things.

Part B: At the end of each day spend another 15 minutes reviewing the day’s events. We call this reviewing the data. Review the data to determine what was wonderful and intend more of that for the next day. Sift also through data regarding that which did not please you, determine what would please you, then intend that for your next day.

When you feel complete, retire to bed. Sleep well, knowing that while you sleep the universe conspires to bring you the good things you desire.

Received March 7, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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