Decide What You Want and Pursue It Happily and With Enthusiasm

Offering from Higgins:

Each of you has at least one Spirit Guide. A Spirit Guide offers you assistance during your physical journey. When you finally decide what you want and tell them they (metaphorically) breathe a sigh of relief for they cannot help you much if they don’t know what you want.

Within the broader scope of Universal Consciousness a similar thing occurs when one of you finally decides what you want and goes after the achievement of it happily and with enthusiasm. Think of yourself as a pressure cooker. Eventually a pressure cooker will explode if pressure is not released. Every time one of you happily makes a decision to move towards a heart-desired goal pressure is released within the Earth realm and that relief relays into the Universal Consciousness as well.

Happy energy is less turbulent than undecided energy or angry energy or fearful energy thus throughout the Universal Sea waters calm.

Received March 7, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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