Expressing Anger

Question: What is the best way to express anger?

Higgins: The best way to express anger is the best way you can manage at the time. That being said, planning what you will do next time you become angry is a very useful endeavor.

Extreme anger is best vented via exercise. A punching/kicking bag is a beautiful tool to vent rage and extreme anger upon. Lesser anger can be managed with any form of gently strenuous regular exercise. The depth and intensity of the anger should inform the variety and intensity of the chosen exercise.

Each of you will also benefit from learning to speak your truth gently and with kindness. In the heat of anger harsh words are often spoken and while you may feel better in the instant the words themselves carry your anger out into the world creating waves of havoc mostly unseen to you. Practice speaking your truth. Like many things, mastering speaking your truth takes patience and practice.

Nextly, delve into the whys of your anger. Anger is a powerful emotion designed to stimulate you to action. Anger means that in some way you’ve allowed yourself to become a victim and the power surge that comes with anger can help you move away from being victimized.

When you discover your part in allowing yourself to be victimized you will be able to re-align with your truth. Truth differs from person to person but certain qualities are ubiquitous among you; you are all beings of light and part of All That Is (God, Allah, Creator), and acting in the truth of your being will never lead you to do a harmful thing. Thus re-aligning with your truth will lead you to new, positive responses and your contributing, negative behaviors will slip away.

Received March 9, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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