Help By Radiating Peace

As I sat down tonight to meditate with Higgins before bed I asked, “How can I help settle this upsetting trend of warfare, plane crashes, fires and (so on)?”

The response was not that I should meditate but that I should direct my readers to meditate and explain how and why.

Meditating helps create a calm place within that radiates outside of our bodies. This has a positive effect on our surroundings. If you will read about the Maharishi Effect at it will explain why this is so, but one person can affect about 100 people in a positive way with effective meditation. One hundred people is a person’s immediate neighborhood.

The Maharishi Effect reduces violent crime, hospital admits, even casualties in war zones. Again, there are multiple studies available that support this on the Maharishi University website.

You can help energetically stabilize your own neighborhood by meditating to a musical recording that Higgins has infused with their calming energy. Go to . Although the CD is listed for sale it is quite possible to listen to each track directly from the website. Choose any one. Then sit quietly with your feet upon the floor and arms resting comfortably at your sides. Allow your energy to flow naturally from head to toe such that it grounds you in the Earth. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth three times. Then relax and let Higgins take over.

Higgins energy embedded within the music will act as a template for your own energy to follow. Simply breathe and let the energy flow. Allow your mind to relax. Keep breathing.

The more you practice the better  you will get and each attempt promotes harmony in you, your home and your neighborhood.  Where harmony exists fighting, bombs and destructive fires do not.

Thank you for helping bring peace in the world by bringing peace into your heart, your home and your neighborhood.


Cheryl Jensen, July 24, 2014





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