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Ask and Ask and Ask

Question:  You said in the post from January 4, 2018, Does Higgins Advocate Christianity?, “As to which religion we advocate, we advocate all. Or none. If a religion draws you then by all means seek whatever that religion has to … Continue reading

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Making a Spiritual Connection

Question: Religion is a cultural process, and as so, has connections with sociology and politics. Spirituality is a vertical connection between an individual and God via a soul and therefore, can thrive outside a given religion, but is enriched by … Continue reading

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Does Higgins Advocate Christianity?

Question: When I met Higgins, it seemed like Higgins spoke from an agnostic place, not Christian. That Jesus was a man like us and all deities were valid expressions of the afterlife. Is Higgins now advocating Christianity alone? Higgins:  If … Continue reading

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A Bedtime Prayer

Note from Cheryl:     I’ve asked Higgins for some prayers and blessings.  A Bedtime Prayer When tomorrow comes may my body, mind and spirit work together in exquisite harmony to express the beauty of my soul. And when the beings of … Continue reading

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What is Emotional Hardness?

Question:     What is emotional hardness? Higgins:     Emotional hardness is experienced when one holds themselves out of the Universal Flow. There exists a flow of energy, like a river or a stream. This energetic flow is the thing that Is in … Continue reading

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What Is The Meaning of Life?

Question:     What is the meaning of life? Cheryl:     Higgins wanted a dictionary definition for meaning. Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition says the thing one intends to convey (especially in language), something meant or intended as well as significant quality. … Continue reading

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