Does Higgins Advocate Christianity?

Question: When I met Higgins, it seemed like Higgins spoke from an agnostic place, not Christian. That Jesus was a man like us and all deities were valid expressions of the afterlife. Is Higgins now advocating Christianity alone?

Higgins:  If agnostic means disbelief in God, we are not that. We completely and utterly believe in God. There is nothing but God. If agnostic means we believe you can’t know God, then we teach agnostics because God is so much broader than the scope of the human mind can comprehend.

When Jesus is spoken of as God in flesh, we agree. However, you are all God in flesh. Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and so many others rose to fame for their clarity in representation and understanding.

As to which religion we advocate, we advocate all. Or none. If a religion draws you then by all means seek whatever that religion has to offer. Ask and ask and ask until you know.

Received January 4, 2018

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2 Responses to Does Higgins Advocate Christianity?

  1. simulismblog says:

    Religion is a cultural process, and as so, has connections with sociology and politics. Spirituality is a vertical connection between an individual and God via a soul and therefore, can thrive outside a given religion, but is enriched by the experiences and discoveries made by many of them. Could this be what Higgins suggests?

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