Making a Spiritual Connection

Question: Religion is a cultural process, and as so, has connections with sociology and politics. Spirituality is a vertical connection between an individual and God via a soul and therefore, can thrive outside a given religion, but is enriched by the experiences and discoveries made by many of them. Could this be what Higgins suggests?

Higgins:  Yes. Each of you seeks, some more intensely than others, to gain and maintain a clear connection to Source (God). Think of this connection like a phone line, a clear connection is preferable to static. Religion used to teach a clear connection but now is filled with static. Still, religion is an excellent place to start and that is why we encourage the exploration of your nearest, most available religious resource. Then, as you begin to ask questions you will be lead on a most satisfying journey of discovery.

We acknowledge that not all are inclined to pursue this connection through religion. Religion is just one of many excellent avenues to achieve the connection that is desired by mankind. The avenue of discovery that we recommend most highly is the one that interests you the most and is most achievable.

Received January 6, 2018

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