Ask and Ask and Ask

Question:  You said in the post from January 4, 2018, Does Higgins Advocate Christianity?, “As to which religion we advocate, we advocate all. Or none. If a religion draws you then by all means seek whatever that religion has to offer. Ask and ask and ask until you know.” What do you mean by that?

Higgins:  When you were created it became obvious that you were capable of carrying a soul. Souls inhabit a body primarily for the spiritual expansion a physical life provides. In order to expand you must seek a return to the Truth. The Truth is, you are God and there is nothing but God. Seekers. That’s what you have become and we and many others are committed to helping you find the answer.

Religions once taught the Truth. The Truth has become blurred with time. So look into any religion you have access to. Or not. But do ask and ask and ask in whatever way suits you until you find the answer.

Received January 4, 2018

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