Martin Luther King, Jr.

Question:  On Martin Luther King Day we got together to talk with you about equality and justice. You said something interesting about receiving equality and justice. You said that receiving equality and justice is the equivalent of I Am that I Am.

In the book of Exodus, Moses asked God’s name and God responded, “I Am that I Am.”

Will you repeat that or maybe say it again for clarity?

Higgins:  You physicals talk about equality and justice as though they are qualities that are doled out to you and some get more and some get less. Further, when one of you is not treated well you go on as though someone else should do something. The government seems to be your favorite someone.

In reality, the Universe is completely fair and impartial. That being so, fairness, equality, justice…the Universe meets these qualities out relentlessly. The receipt of said qualities cannot be avoided. What you need to know is not how to get others to treat you with equality and justice but instead, how it is that you draw what you draw so that you may draw towards you being treated with equality and justice.

The crux of how to do that is, “I Am that I Am.”  You are. You are and that is enough. When you learn to wake up in the morning knowing that you are already enough you will begin to know what it means to Be, to exist. It means I Am. It means you need not justify your existence. When you no longer need to justify your existence, when You Are because You Are, then the world around you will shift and you will be treated with equality and justice.

Equality and justice are not what others give you. Equality and justice are behaviors you draw from others by your own certainty that you are already enough.

Received January 21, 2018

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