What is Emotional Hardness?

Question:     What is emotional hardness?

Higgins:     Emotional hardness is experienced when one holds themselves out of the Universal Flow.

There exists a flow of energy, like a river or a stream. This energetic flow is the thing that Is in the Universe. Each of you has complete freedom of choice here in this physical realm meaning you have the choice to flow with the stream or against the stream. All things that occur with the stream occur easily, naturally, without fuss or effort. All things that occur against the stream require effort and are uncomfortable.

A person who is emotionally hard is one who consistently holds themselves aloof from the Flow. Life for this person is generally hard and without much ease and pleasure. Further, for this person the future does not appear to be better than the now. That makes for a depressing outlook and a person who is emotionally hard has steeled themselves against the disappointment of the life they live.

We understand why and how a person becomes emotionally hard. We also know that unless that person relaxes emotionally life will not get easier.

It seems a little backwards to many. Seemingly, if life’s events caused a person to respond by developing emotional hardness then shouldn’t a change in life’s events towards easier and smoother allow a shift back towards emotional softness and flow?

It may seem that way however the Universe itself does not work this way. Instead, emotional relaxation causes a shift in the Universal Flow such that nicer more pleasant things come and the arrival of such makes further relaxation easier. In this way it is a positive feedback loop, always encouraging relaxation and (in a way) punishing emotional hardness.

The pummeling a human can take is quite astounding. You are resilient creatures, however eventually one who holds themselves in the emotionally hard place will cave in to anger and depression, developing negative health issues. While it takes a good long time, this road eventually leads to death.

Those of you who relax into your own well-being are happier. You thrive. Good health, longevity and prosperity are yours. So few of you do this fully that it is not much in your consciousness to do so. Nonetheless, this particular road leads to the sort of extended longevity the Bible talks about.

Received October 13, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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    Wow! How old are you?

  2. pauladkin says:

    Wow! How old are you? The Sumerian king Emmen-lu Anna reigned in Badtibira 43,820 years. Imagine living so long?

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