Relax Into Your Own Well-Being

Question:     How does one relax into their own well-being?

Higgins:     Practice is the key to relaxing into well-being.

The natural, normal state for humanity is well. Physical and mental well-being is the birth-right of humans and of all things upon the earth. Each of you is born possessing the capacity to thrive and indeed, to achieve anything you can dream up.  If you are not thriving then in some way you (and only you) are holding yourself separate from your own well-being.

While it is true that the perception of others can sculpt or mold the life you create for yourself this only happens when you yourself allow their opinions or beliefs about you or the world around you to alter your creating.

For example, inspiration strikes and you decide to quit your job and start your own business. If you will begin sharing your idea with friends who support the idea it is much easier to develop a plan and make progress. If, however, you share with friends who do not support your idea it is likely your idea will fall flat very quickly and never come to fruition…for you… (someone else may pick up on it and do it later, but not you).

Let’s offer some understanding about creating. Life is created by thought, your thoughts, the thoughts of those around you and the thoughts of your predecessors. The actual day-to-day life you live has been created with your thoughts (what you think about) and your emotions (how you feel about what you think about). The life you create is most often colored by the thoughts and beliefs of those around you.

The greater parameters of the social system you live within have been created long before your birth by the thoughts and beliefs of those who preceded you. In essence, you are living in a matrix of thought form put forth by your forefathers. It is much easier to allow oneself to slide along in the already established thought matrix than it is to hold steady in new thought. Importantly, new thought (whether it comes immediately to fruition or not) creates the matrix for the next generation so someone will eventually succeed in bringing your thoughts to fruition.

Our knowing is that each of you is capable of bringing to fruition anything you can think up and the way to do this is by relaxing emotionally. Each time you clench up inside, the way you do when jealousy, indecision, anger or fear strikes, a barrier is effectively erected between you and your natural well-being. Bless yourself in these moments, “I bless this feeling of uneasiness that has sprung forth within me.” Relax into your discomfort. Quiet your mind to allow the necessary next thoughts to flow.

Thoughts such as, “I thought this was such a good idea! It is so irritating when that person talks so negatively about my idea.” Followed by, “It is a good idea. It’s a good idea for me, just not for him.” Then, “I am sure I can do this and would like to surround myself with more positive thinkers, people who uplift me to be the best I can.” These sorts of thoughts move your emotional output into something that feels better. When you feel a little better tell yourself, “I choose to flow in harmony with the achievement of my desires.”

This is the time to relax. Meditate, take a walk, listen to music or do whatever soothes you for you have moved from negative thought and emotion into positive thought and emotion and there is nothing more you can do.  Once relaxed, the mind then has the opportunity to receive impulses from your Broader aspect as well as your Spirit Guides. These impulses and inspirations will direct your next thought and action and this will always move you towards your desires… your desires rather than through the matrix of other people’s beliefs and thoughts.

In this way, you literally relax into positive thought and action which always leads you straight into your own well-being.

When you relax in this way all thought and action bubble forth from your Source of Eternal Wisdom. Thought and action that are in harmony with Eternal Wisdom can only produce harmony in your life and the world. When you live in harmony this way the emotions that surface guide you towards all manner of life experience that are pleasing. Since ill-health is not pleasing, ill-health will not be a part of your experience. Since financial hardship is not pleasing it will not be a part of your experience. The job you attract will be satisfying, relationships fulfilling…all of life will smooth out when you simply relax.

This is a topic we would like to develop. We encourage questions upon this topic.

Received October 14, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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