Throwing Things Away

Question:     I have a hard time throwing things away.

Higgins:     Many of you do.

Each of you has a source of energy for illumination and animation. The human body primarily runs this energy from just above the head to the same distance below the feet. (This is a generalization, energy flow is complex.) In the day-to-day jumble of life each person makes energetic connections with people, places and things.

Often when a person is complete with the object, let’s use an old towel for example, the energy connection from person to towel is so strong that the person feels some loss of energy in letting the towel go.

First realize the towel has a life of its own that it needs to live out. When its useful days as a towel are over it has a natural desire to either be re-purposed (perhaps as a rag) or to move to a new household. If the towels is very worn it may be tired and ready to begin its days of decomposition and subsequent return to earth.

Also know ye that Earth is a sentient being. Of course it is happiest when you are in love with it and treat it with respect and kindness. Passing on a towel to a landfill to continue its life cycle will not hurt Earth. As mankind shifts and expands in consciousness new and better methods to process refuse will be developed. However today you need worry not about sending that towel out in the trash.

With those two understandings your personal next step is to learn a simple technique. Each time a relationship is complete (ends), a negative personal interaction occurs, an objects usefulness to you wanes or your physical location changes, remember to request that your energy come with you. Thank the relationship for the learning it provided, thank the negative interaction for providing clarity, thank the item for its usefulness and thank the place for its safe harbor. Bless these things as your energy returns to you and they proceed on their respective journeys.

With practice you will find that letting things go feels natural,  like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Gaining new things and letting old objects go is a natural progression for man. Mankind is designed to ever evolve. This means you are designed to want and forever want again. You will never be satisfied because you are designed for growth. Developing balance between holding and letting go is desirable and well worth practicing.

Received October 15, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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4 Responses to Throwing Things Away

  1. lunerunit says:

    Awesome Post. Excellent clarification. Thank you!

    • Thanks to you for checking back now and again. And a further thank you for your most excellent question. The responses to it get read quite a lot. Many people must have the same questions.

  2. maggiemay says:

    Higgins and Cheryl – Thank you for this. It filled in the missing piece for me: “…and thank the place for its safe harbor.” That is what the Farm was for me all these years and I never thought to thank it. Maybe now I can let it go.

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