Elevating Thinking

Question:    How can I elevate my thinking?

Higgins:     We’ll respond to this question as if ‘elevate my thinking’ means that you wish to think thoughts that are vibrationally faster thus feel better.

When your thoughts spiral downward emotion plummets and it may be very difficult to know which is the leader, the thoughts or the emotions. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you make a conscious decision to feel better. Once the decision is made to feel better the tendency is to immediately begin searching for thoughts that feel better. That is the elevated thinking you refer to but there’s a trick to changing the direction of thought and we’ll explain it.

In order to stop the downward spiral of negativity one must first acknowledge their current emotional situation. To do that simply acknowledge that where you are feels bad, uncomfortable or somehow not right. It is not necessary to label the emotional location with ‘sad’ or ‘angry’. Sometimes it simply is not possible to do so. It is enough to feel the emotion that is being offered. Simmer in it for a moment. When you feel in this way, allowing the emotion to roll through you fully, you are paving a foundation from which to emotionally spring back. When you do not fully acknowledge the emotion flooding through you there is no solid platform from which to bounce.

Imagine you are in an elevator that is plummeting downward, out of control. Since you are falling as fast as the floor you cannot achieve purchase upon the elevator floor to jump up. This scenario defies the Law of Gravity in the same way that attempting to change the direction of your thinking without first fully recognizing the emotion you currently hold defies Universal Law.

Once you’ve stopped the downward spiral of negative thought by simply acknowledging how bad you do feel it takes but a few moments of simmering there before more positive thoughts start to trickle into your mental awareness. While sometimes the thoughts that come will swing you right back up into an enthusiastic mental attitude it is much more common to reach only a few steps higher than you were before.

This is an important understanding because many of you try the process of choosing positive thought but are unable to climb as high in your positive thinking as you expect of yourself. Remember that although you can swing emotionally like a pendulum you are only capable of stabilizing one or two emotional ranges higher or lower than your emotional set point. That is why it sometimes feels as though you’ve sought a higher emotion in all the ‘right’ ways but feel as though you have not succeeded.

If you are trying to climb from an emotional set point of misery into happiness in one swoop it will simply defy Universal Law and you will fail. Instead, use the tools you’ve learned to climb as high as you can then be happy if as high as you can is nowhere near what you hoped it would be. Relax. Everything is ok and working in a natural rhythm. Keep practicing. Over time you will find this process becomes easy and that it is quite natural to feel good  most of the time.

Received October 16, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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