Only You Know What Is Right For You

Question:     In a previous response you said, “Keep in mind that stronger emotion produced by new thought means the thought is true for you. Each person has their own Truth and what is true for you may not be true for someone else. Only you know what is right for you and you do not know what is right for anyone else (not even your children and we’ll talk about that in another segment).”

Will you talk about that now?

Higgins:     Yes.

Humans are guided by impulse and emotion. If impulse occurs in an animal it is called instinct. Emotion is offered to each person by their Eternal Self. Emotion is offered upon every thought, word or action from the moment of birth until death.

Humans are animated and illuminated by their Eternal Self. The energetic flow, very generally, begins above the head and grounds a person in the Earth just below the feet. As long as that energetic flow is uninterrupted the emotional guidance is easy to interpret and impulses lead to harmonious action. Children are born this way.

Each person receives communication from their Eternal Self relative to an agreement made before birth. This agreement regards what sort of person you are going to be, what things you will like and how you wish to present yourself. Anytime negative emotion is experienced you have in some way stepped outside of the agreed upon parameters and that negativity is saying, “Oops! Wrong way. Try again.” Positive emotion simply says, “Yes! You are right on target. Keep going this way.”

It is rather like the game Hot and Cold. “You’re getting warmer. Warmer. Hot! You’ve found it!”

Each of you, and that includes your children, have this system guiding them towards a life of delight. Following this personalized system always leads towards happiness, satisfaction and prosperity but what is right for one may not be right for another. What feels good to a person was determined prior to their birth and nothing anyone else can say or do will ever change that.

That is why we say,” Only you know what is right for you and you do not know what is right for anyone else not even your children.”

The best a parent can do is un-kink their own hose. Begin living in harmony with Self and show your children how to live in harmony with their own Self. A parent can rest easy knowing that a child in harmony with Self will thrive, make good decisions and develop a fulfilling life.

Received October 17, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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