What Is The Meaning of Life?

Question:     What is the meaning of life?

Cheryl:     Higgins wanted a dictionary definition for meaning. Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition says the thing one intends to convey (especially in language), something meant or intended as well as significant quality.

Higgins:     Good. We will answer as though you specifically refer to human life.

That which you call God is the prime creator of your physical realm. That which you call God wanted to experience itself fully and thus began exploring possibility. Within that the Earth was created. There are many similar planets that support life very similar to yours.

You then, are a child or creation of the Prime Source, God. You are no different from a child. You are the same as a painting or a piece of music or even a computer. You are an idea made manifest.

That said, you are not a direct creation of that Prime Energy Source. Instead, you are a direct creation of a broader, eternal aspect of you. Let’s call that broader aspect of you Soul. The Soul is eternal. Like that thing you call God you also want to explore the deepest levels of that which you are and a physical life experience is one fabulous way to do that.

In a nutshell, the intention of life is to know oneself more fully. Whether you consider life fun and easy or hard and miserable matters not in the broader scheme of things because your Soul, the real you, is experiencing Self to the fullest.

We will be pleased to entertain more questions upon this topic.

Received August 16 and 19 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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