What Do You Think of Ten Hour Work Days?

Question: The work day length has just been increased to 10 hours where I work. What do you think of 10 hour work days?

Higgins: Our response to you is, “What do you think of working 10 hour days?”

If you enjoy working 10 hours at what it is you do then there is certainly no harm in it. However, the body and mind enjoy shifts from time to time. Typically the body and mind enjoy frequent shifts in position and thought direction however if the mind and body are enthralled in the given occupation then many hours may be comfortably spent in that pursuit. What you will find though, is that over time the draw of that particular pursuit wears off and the mind/body partnership shifts towards new awareness and desire.

For this reason a ten-hour work day that allows for shifting mind/body tasks within the work day will be less demanding on the mind/body and emotions of the worker than a job that requires repetitive thought/motion for its entirety.

When a person is fresh in both body and mind there is potential to allow a creative flow that is enjoyable for the spirit. Long days tend to extinguish the flame of positive creativity. We add that a very great amount of positive creation stems from experiencing a negative thing and subsequently rallying for positive change. That however does not necessarily bring a person into alignment with the creative power that comes with significant leisure time.

Life is designed such that significant leisure time dotted with enjoyable pursuit of ideas that develop during leisure time will draw a life of prosperity and fulfilment. Humans thrive in this kind of environment.

Received August 21, 2012

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